Hotel Marriott Skopje

FYR Macedonia | Skopje | 2010-2014
business-hotel | 165 rooms
concept, architecture, interior design & consulting

The first five-star luxury hotel in Macedonia, according to international standards, will be constructed on the main square of Skopje.

During the concept and project planning phases, we attached value not only to satisfying the modern, technological, and ecological needs of our era, but also to the history of Skopje, a city rich in tradition. In collaboration with a team of national experts as well as the city council, the square, marred by the earthquake of 1963, is intended to be revived and transformed into a symbol contributing the identification of the citizens with their city. To this effect, the elements composing the façade reflect the former architecture of the square and contribute to a harmonious architectural ensemble.

The Marriott was obtained as the hotel operator. The modern interior of the building sets new standards for the group worldwide. Construction began in April, 2011 and the hotel will open in November, 2014.


© Develop Group, Skopje
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